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Bright Integrity Sdn Bhd, having a Bio Technology Oleo Chemical plant in Lumut Port, Perak which solely engage in the production of Palm Methyl Ester and other oleo chemical products with the capacity of 13,5000 metric tons anually. Our core strength is commercialization of the Biodiesel and oleo chemical products locally and internationally, operate on an integrated value chain to serve our customers. We have developed significant expertise in handling identity preserved and differentiated products that sustain their distinctiveness in local and overseas markets, we provide flexibility of services and opportunity to leverage efficiencies in the supply chain.

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Palm Kernel Expeller is an active ingredient in animal feed high in nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Though it is considered to be excellent for ruminants, PKC is also reported to be suitable for use in feed formulations for swine, poultry and horses.

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Biodiesel can be used in pure form (B100) or may be blended with petroleum diesel at any concentration in most injection pump diesel engines. Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing Malaysian dependence on diesel itself, creating jobs and improving the environment.

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Assorted cookie biscuits, tarts and pies/Traditional raw noodle (Pan Mee), Pancake, Roti Jala/Assorted cookies,, biscuits, and pies/Assorted Oriental Pastry/Traditional Friend Products (cucur udang & yu tiau), Assorted steam products (FA Kui, etc)

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Palm oil is derived from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm species from the African oil palm, ELAEIS GUINEENSIS. In its virgin form, the oil is bright orange-red due to the high content of carotene.

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